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The Genesis Platinum Leadership Training Series

Leadership Training Courses to Select From

Creating Your Leadership Agenda - You have heard about a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement. But just as important is a Leadership Agenda Statement. Learn what it is, why it is just as important as a vision or mission statement. Learn how to identify your "underlying leadership ideological belief". more info

Understanding Your Leadership EcosystemLearn how understanding your Leadership Ecosystem can improve your leadership effectiveness. Find out why experts like Peter Senge, who was named as a top 100 influencers of the 20th century in organizational leadership, are strong proponents of ecosystem leadership. more info

Leadership in the Me-Too Era - Leaders have an obligation to create a culture free of sexual harassment that protects both male and female staff or team members. Learn how to do this quickly, effectively and with gender sensitivity. more info

Building Successful & Sustainable Teams - This course will help leaders & managers create and build teams that will overperform and achieve higher levels of achievement that ultimately will make the entire organization more impactful in its marketplace.Billions of $$ are lost by business, nonprofits and even churches because of dysfunctional teams. Click Here for more info

How to Disagree & Still Get things done - This course will help leaders & managers navigate through disagreement that could bog down operations and impede the leader from reaching organizational, team or project goals.Billions of $$ are lost every year by disagreements that create dysfunction. The strategies taught in this course can positively impact your productivity and your bottom line $$.  Click Here for More Info

Delegating Effectively So Things Get Done – Maybe the one thing that leaders and managers do most frequently is to delegate. At least it should be. But if delegation is not done effectively, the team and the organization becomes dysfunctional, unproductive and may even become a toxic environment. In this course learn the 3 pillars of effective delegation so that each team member becomes better able to respond to the tasks delegated to them. Click Here for More Info

Financial Self LeadershipLearning how to better lead yourself in your personal finances is often a key step before learning how to lead others. This course is offered through our affiliate "Financial Fitness Coaches".  Click Here for More Info

How Understanding Company Finances impacts you as a leader or manager - The leadership challenges this course is created to address is the CFO- CEO language barrier. The problem is that the info that your CFO, CPA, or "Finance people "have is super critical to your success as a leader but they speak in "CFO / Finance jargon" and you have a hard time interpreting what they are saying. Without understanding their language you are not able to even ask the right questions. Click Here for More Info

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The Genesis Premium Leadership Series

How To Disagree

Learn How to Disagree & Still Get Things Done

Many times teams/organizations get stuck in disagreement. Everything comes to a screeching halt until this disagreement is resolved. Millions  $$$are lost when disagreements paralyze performance. Effective leaders know how to get the team to peak performance even with disagreement.

More Info

Team Building

Building Successful & Sustainable Teams: This course will help leaders & managers create and build teams that will overperform and achieve higher levels of achievement that ultimately will make the entire organization more impactful in its marketplace. Billions of $$ are lost by business, nonprofits and even churches because of dysfunctional teams. Click Here for more info


Genesis Leadership Delegation

Begin using the 3 Pillars of effective delegation and increase the performance of your team, staff or followers, and eliminate the need to micromanage, eliminate "leadership burnout". Delegate with confidence and allow your team to maximize their potential

More Info


CFO Speak: - Breaking the "Language Barrier"  

Your CFO is probably one of your most critical allies in your organization. But CFOs speak a totally different language. I know, I was a CFO for 12+ years. I experienced serious language barriers with my CEO. I will share how to break the language barrier.

More Info


Data Driven Decision-making – Quantitative Data Analysis

Leaders make decisions and the efficacy of their leadership hinges on their decision making. Learning how to make data driven decisions using quantitative data is a skill every leader must have. I share some of the principles I teach in my college course “Intro to Quantitative Analysis”.

More Info


Leadership is Demanding

Leadership makes many demands on a leader’s time, resources, patience and health. But there are 3 Demands which maybe the most critical when it comes to leading your organization effectively. This leadership course is based on one of my top selling books “The Three Demands for Effective Organizational Leadership”

More Info


Leading the Unleadable  Follower

Some people just can’t be led. Or so it seems! These are people who are branded as “difficult people”. Every organization, team or business has a few of these “unleadables”. Learn how to find out their connection points; learn how to lead the unleadable.

More Info


Leading Past Your Mess Ups – Rebound

You haven’t really led until you have massively messed up. "7 Strategies to Rebound" is the title of one of my top selling books and this Leadership Training Course shares leadership strategies to rebound from your leadership screw ups and grow from them to become a stronger more effective leader.

More Info

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