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Masterclass for Leaders – Managers


4 Strategies for Leader-Managers to Protect Their Job Security

by getting their Teams to Consistently Perform Excellently

Don’t Lose your Job because your Team Under-Performed !


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4 Things Leaders-Managers Must do to

Bolster their Job Security

3 Modules

Complete in Aprox 1 Hour

15 Point Checklist

Easy Guide to Implement Strategies Right Away

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Learn 14 Actionable Easy to Implement Strategies to Boost Team Performance & Protect Your Job Security

Your Performance as a Leader-Manager is Evaluated based on the Performance of Your Team

In this Masterclass You Will Learn …

FOUR Strategies to get your team to

Consistently Perform Excellently to make you

Look Good & Protect Your Job Security

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Your Lesson Plan

This Masterclass is presented in 4 Sessions as follows …



This course will give Leader-Managers a tool kit of Leadership & Management Tools to bolster their job security.

We all know of leaders and managers who were fired or demoted because they could not get their team/staff to achieve consistent excellent performance


The FOUR Building Blocks of High Performing Teams 

The Four key elements that define “team” which make your team perform with Consistent Excellence.


10 Actionable Strategies 

In this section you will get 10+ actionable strategies that will allow you to implement the Four Strategies to Strengthen your Job Security



In the Course Summary we recap a couple of the key points and analyze 2 case studies to illustrate real world application of key principles.

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Leader – Managers with Job Security are Leader – Managers who Stay Ahead of the Competition by Continuous Learning & Training!

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Hi, I am Walter V Murray CPA DBA PhD

Entrepreneur, Author, Leadership Trainer, Business Mentor

Of the dozens of Leader-Manager Training classes I have put together, this one was one of the most rewarding. It was rewarding because I have seen so many leader-managers stress themselves sick, worrying about their job security when their job security was so overly dependent on how well other people / team / staff members performed.

This class puts a lot of control over their job security; back in their hands. And that is worth its weight in gold for leader-managers everywhere. And I’m sure it will mean a lot to you also.

I look forward to hearing from you during the class. Remember you can use the “Contact Dr. Murray” form on the Class Page to reach me directly -anytime with your questions and/or comments.