How To Disagree & Still Get Things Done... FAST !!! 

Helping Leaders & Managers shift teams/followers from Disagreement to Deployment

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Who this course is for

C Level execs, business owners, senior pastors, senior managers & anyone responsible for corporate staff/leadership development. In fact anyone who leads teams, projects or organizations will benefit greatly from learning the tactics, tools and strategies covered in this course

How this course will benefit your leaders & managers

This course will help leaders & managers navigate through disagreement that could bog down operations and impede the leader from reaching organizational, team or project goals.

Billions of $$ are lost every year by disagreements that create dysfunction. The strategies taught in this course can positively impact your productivity and your bottom line $$.

After taking this course you will ...

Know how to quickly recognize "Functional Disagreement" vs "Dysfunctional Disagreement"
Change the culture of your team, organization to one that embraces disagreements
Learn how to use The Common Ground Indicator to quickly shift your team from Dysfunctional Disagreement to Deployment & Getting Things Done
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"How to Disagree & Still Get Things Done"
by W Vernon Murray


Course Creator/Instructor -
W Vernon Murray CPA MSc DBA


Leadership roles since 1990: CEO, CFO, Executive Director. Founded 5 businesses leading 200+ staff/team members & Business revenues $30 million+. College Professor - Organizational Management Leadership

Provided Leadership training for 6000+ leaders & managers

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Here's what leaders who took this course are saying about this course !!!

Bill Kreig - VP - Staff Development & Training ---  I completed the course to see if was a good fit for our managers. I was totally blown away by how simple, practical and revolutionary this course was so I enrolled all our 22 managers in "How to Disagree & Still Get Things Done". They all gave this course a 5 out of 5 for its practical workplace benefits. Now our executive team and our board are signing up for this program
Dr. Penny Joseph - Exec Director-- After taking the Online Course & Coaching I had tools to handle a dysfunctional situation among my team. I referred this to several other CEOs who have since told me that the course was one of the most insightful yet practcal trainings on leadership they have ever taken.

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Remember you can upgrade to Full Course & get Special $218 Pricing when you finish Module I 

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