Genesis Leadership in 8 Days:
In The Beginning God Created Leadership

This radical look at leadership will highlight some powerful leadership principles that were "created" during the 8 Days of Creation. Yes, that was " EIGHT DAYS !!!!.". When you delve into the book you will see how the author ingeniously extrapolates this eight days of creation theory! It's a little tongue and cheekish but it creates a powerful paradigm from which the author shares the Ten Genesis Leadership Principles.

W Vernon Murray, the author, adopts the premise in this book that if leadership is best measured by the impactfulness and the sustainability of the change a leader brings about, then God in His role as Creator brought about what has got to be the most impactful transformational change when He effected the change from the dark, empty and void state of affairs in Genesis 1: 2 to the astounding beauty and prestine Universe in Genesis 1: 31, where God Himself pronounced His Creation as "very good".

So in this book, the author will draw out powerful leadership principles and paradigms that leaders of today can use to make the same impactful and sustainable change in their organizations, businesses, projects or teams. In fact, anyone who leads anyone or anything, even parents for example, leading a family or clergy leadiing a church can benefit from these radical and time tested leadership principles.

A very powerful insightful read!

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About Author

W Vernon Murray is a leadership strategist with 30+ years leading for profit businesses and nonprofit organizations. This experience has given W Vernon Murray insights into leadership and what it takes to become an effective “Genesis Leader”.

W Vernon Murray has served in leadership roles such as CEO, CFO, Executive Director, Church Administrator, and Dad! He has served on or chaired several boards of directors.

Along with his hands-on experience W Vernon Murray has studied leadership and holds a MSc in Nonprofit Management & Leadership, a DBA in Strategic Organizational Leadership and is currently completing his dissertation in Public Policy & Administration. Along with his CPA certificate which he has held since 1990, Murray is academically well versed in the science of leadership. He has authored several books on leadership, including his best seller “The Three Demands: Trifecta for Effective Leadership”.


CFO, Medical Clinic
I immediately see how the Genesis Leadership Principles will help me triple my leadership effectiveness as I lead the team of financial analysts, accountants and tax experts in my department. I especially liked the Genesis Leadership Directives because it challenges my staff to be their best so that they can do their best.

Pastor, 400-member church
I am going through the workbook that comes with this eBook. I have scheduled a Genesis Leadership retreat for my ministry/department leaders and board members which W Vernon Murray will facilitate. He will cover some of the key Genesis Leadership Principles in the eBook, especially the principles found in the chapter entitled Day Zero Leadership Lessons (pg 47 – 81).

President, non-profit organization
I liked the way this book connects the Creation account to leadership. It is very "real world" with a solid academic theoretical basis. I highly recommend this book for all my 30 regional presidents and their management teams. This book will become the leadership guide for almost 200 of our senior leaders / managers.

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