How To Build & Lead Teams That Execute Excellence

How to be a "top 3% Team Builder & Team Leader" in 3 weeks !

Who this course is for

C Level execs, business owners, senior pastors, senior managers & anyone responsible for corporate staff/leadership development. In fact anyone who leads teams, projects or organizations will benefit greatly from learning the tactics, tools and strategies covered in this course

How this course will benefit leaders & managers

This course will help leaders & managers create and build teams that will overperform and achieve higher levels of achievement that ultimately will make the entire organization more impactful in its marketplace.

Billions of $$ are lost by business, nonprofits and even churches because of dysfunctional teams. The strategies taught in this course give you the tools that will make you a "top 3% team builder & team leader" and your team will achieve maximum performance & productivity.

After taking this course you will ...

Know how to quickly implement the NINE GTI's, the Great Team Indicators that all Great Teams show 
Change the culture of your team, organization to one of "shared responsibility". This is the "ride or die" culture that makes a street gang such a unified team.
Learn how to avoid the TWO Deadly Mistakes most Team Builders & Team Leaders Make that keep their teams from becoming high performing teams
Learn how to not just be "in authority" but how to be authoritative. This is the #1 difference between great team leaders vs lousy team leaders!
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"The most comprehensive course curriculum on Leadership & Teambuilding I have ever completed" Wayne E, Executive director of nonprofit agency

 "Our team enrolled in the Coaching/Virtual Option and we began to see immediate results, especially after we learned how to avoid the TWO Deadly Errors most team leaders make !!!" (CEO, Marketing Design firm, Chicago)

"I was fortunate to have Genesis Leadership LLP conduct their virtual leadership training for our team of 32 managers & supervisors plus I took the one-on-one coaching" (Julian K, Chief Medical Officer) 

"Our company president asked me what I was doing to make my staff in my dept so much more productive ! I told him, I was using the team building leadership strategies from this course!!!" (Allyson P, Manager Sales Dept, Houston TX)

Course Creator/Instructor -
W Vernon Murray CPA MSc DBA


Leadership roles since 1990: CEO, CFO, Executive Director. Church Leader

Business Owner - 5 businesses leading 200+ staff/team members & Business revenues $30 million+. 

College Professor - Organizational Leadership

Provided Leadership training for 6000+ leaders & managers

Author of 3 books on organizational leadership and business strategies and over 100+ articles, White Papers

Highly requested speaker, presenter at leadership, business development conferences & workshops

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