Private Group Training - Excellence for Leaders & Managers

For Attendees at "Executing Excellence for Leaders Managers & The Team Members they Lead" MasterClass

Who this Private Group Training for?

walterThank you for attending Executing Excellence for Leaders & Managers.

My team and I would love to do a Private Training for you and your team. If you have 3 or more C Level Execs, Managers, Dept Heads or Supervisors in your organization we will conduct a more intensive 3-hour Private Training for your team.

And because you attended our Executing Excellence Masterclass your team members qualify for a discounted rate of $199 for their seat in the intensive extended Private Training.

Normally this is priced at $299 but until March 31, 2021 you can enroll your team members for only $199/team member.

This Virtual Private Group Training is the perfect Leadership Training Solution for ...

Groups of 3  - 10 leaders, managers, supervisors from the same organization


What will we do in this Virtual Private Group Training?

  • Working Session to develop your Team/Organizational Definition of Excellence
  • Working Session to identify your Team/Organizational Barriers to Excellence
  • We will work with your Leaders / Managers on a Case Study to help them implement the 4 R’s of an Excellent Ecosystem in their depts/teams
  • Complacency Work Session to help your Leaders /Managers:
    1. Identify any complacency Symptoms in their dept/team and
    2. Implement Leadership Strategies & Tools to minimize or eliminate complacency
    3. How to launch a Continuous Improvement Program in their team/depts

Three Huge Benefits ...

  • Your Leaders & Managers Learn to quickly identify & eliminate Complacency which is the # 1 barrier to excellence
  • Your Staff & Team Members become more engaged, innovative and productive
  • Your organization becomes more profitable & makes bigger impact on the people your organization serves


Enter your name & email as the primary attendee

Enter names & email addresses for each leader / Manager who will be attending with you. Each person will get their seperate logins

Minimum # of Attendees to register for this Virtual Private Training is TWO plus you

Enter TWO Date & Time (3 Hour Time Slots) that work for you & your team. Date/Time slots are subject to availability. If none of your time slots are available we will contact you to find an alternative scheduling. If no scheduling is available that fits your schedule we will give you a 100% refund.

Your Access Codes for the Virtual Private Training Session will be delivered to your emailS in 72 Hours after receipt & confirmation of your payment 

    Your name & email will never be shared with any other companies for the protection your privacy.